Thursday, May 16, 2013

Date A Guy Who Rides Motorcycles

So, it was kind of a boring Thursday afternoon with nothing much to do, other than sit around and let the wound of the recent surgery heal properly. Since there isn’t any television to watch, there wasn’t much inlet of news from around the world (not that TV is any good these days, with news not really being NEWS. More on that in a different post).

And when it gets boring enough, I turn to Twitter to entertain me in more ways than one. The quips, the humor, the instant news, the gossip sessions, the abundant flirting, the cribs... oh well, you get the drift. Therefore, it was on twitter that I posted this. Then I waited for some suggestions to pour in. In came a suggestion from one of the most experienced riders this country has seen, Gaurav Jani.

The suggestion was about a post, which followed the format of “Date a Guy/Girl Who...” which has been doing the rounds on the internet for a while now. I wouldn’t have read it, hadn’t it been for a thought that was seeded by “Bhatku”. That set the wheels rolling, and my idle mind got to work.

We are riders, Gaurav and I. “Bhatku” does the solo bit pretty well, while I on the other hand am a club rider. And you know what, it doesn’t matter whether you ride alone or with a pack, the point is... you ride. While a lot of professions have been explored under this format of posts, no one in our knowledge had done this for Motorcycle Riders.

Motorcycling has been a very integral part of our existence. Having heard the best and the worst about this love of ours, it dawned upon me that a lot of people have varied impressions about riding and riders. So I thought, “why not?”. Let’s write about this!

So here goes:- Date A Guy Who Rides Motorcycles

  • Date a guy who has ridden across the length and breadth of the country. He’s the best storyteller you will ever meet.
  • Date a guy who will jump on his motorcycle and ride off in any direction, only to realign himself with this world once again. Respect him for this, because every time he is upset about something, he’ll make sure it doesn’t spill-over at work. Or at home. And when he comes back, he’ll be more sorted than he was earlier.
  • Date a guy who knows how to fix a punctured tube. Or broken gear box. Chances are, he’ll be able to sort out a lot of problems in his own life as well as yours, if you’re close to him. Without taking external help. You can rely on him for most of your problems. Unless they’re medical in nature. In that case, visit a doctor. (He’ll take you to the doc on his motorcycle.)
  • Date a guy who is as comfortable spending a night at a gas station in the middle of nowhere as he is in the plush comfort of his house. Adaptability is something we as humans are kind of running short on these days.
  • Date a guy who will always, without fail, stop to help when he sees another one of his kind broken down on the road. For that matter, even if he sees car drivers. He understands what you’re going through at that moment.
  • Date a guy who gets excited at the mention of hitting the highway and riding off to the hills. The curves on those roads teach him how volatile life can be. In addition to that, he knows how to respect curves. Of all kinds. (You know what I mean).
  • Date a guy who can actually break each bone in another man's body who is looking for unnecessary trouble with him, with just a wrench. But he won’t, because he knows it’s not worth it and it’s not the solution to any problem. Yes, he respects everybody's opinions. He won't force his on you. Just make sure no one pushes him around too much.
  • Date a guy who will ride 300 kms just to have that awesome breakfast that the road-side diner offers in the town next to the one you’re in. If this isn’t adventurous enough for a mundane day, what else do you think is?
  • Date a guy who will get so excited before each ride that he won’t be able to sleep for a minute, even though he has done this a million times. He knows how to keep things fresh. Always.
  • Date a guy who makes sure he packs in everything that he might and most probably will need on a long motorcycle ride. He pays attention to detail. Chances are he’ll be sorted in most of the things in his life.
  • Date a guy who will never ever ride his machine without wearing a helmet. He knows his life is not just his own.
  • Date a guy who will pause and skip a few heartbeats every time he sees the sun rise over the horizon, or comes across a waterfall at the next turn in the hills, or lays his eyes on the first snow-capped peaks in the ranges. He admires nature. The same nature you have chosen to ignore sitting in your cubicles.
  • Date a guy who will ride just for the heck of it, because it makes him feel free and liberated. Honestly, he is more free than anyone else, because he turns that throttle, puts the bike in gears and grabs that freedom.
  • Date a guy who would rather be sitting on his motorcycle thinking about God, and not sit in a temple and think of his bike. He has his priorities in place.
  • Date a guy who has seen the dark side of motorcycling and has survived. He’ll give you tips and lessons you didn’t even know existed.
  • Date a guy who will go to any lengths to spend some quality time with his "brothers", even when there is no obvious blood connection. He understands brotherhood much more deeply.
  • Date a guy who can go wild on his motorcycle trips and can make everyone have a great time. With his music and his stories. What's there not to like about this?
  • Date a guy who will look back at his life’s achievements and mistakes while riding his motorcycle. He will chuckle a bit, smile a lot, sometimes shed a tear or two. And that’s what builds character.
  • Date a guy who has crash and burn marks on his self. Warriors aren’t pretty. Barbie dolls are.
  • Date a guy who can keep his motorcycle like any other man would treat his wife. He’ll treat his wife like a queen.

I could go on and on about this, but I guess these should be enough for you to look past through that tough exterior of Motorcycle Riders and know that there is a tender heart and a loving person underneath all that grime, dirt and grease.

And in case this wasn’t enough, come, spend some time with us. Ride with us, to see us closely.

Until the next time, ride safe.

Love, Peace & Harmony

© Prateek Sharma May 2013

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life Is An Open Facebook

"A very bored human" has commented on "a post by another bored human"


"A narcissist" has created an album


"A talented radio professional" has become a fan of a "superb writer"


"A megalomaniac" has taken the "How much of a megalomaniac are you" quiz


"ABC" became friends with "XYZ"


… and so on and so forth.

It's quite funny, surprising and amusing how human behaviour has changed over the years, keeping the technological excellence achieved by mankind in perspective. There was a time, not so long ago, when "poking a friend" involved a finger trying to dig deep into a friend's flesh. Today, it does involve a finger, but pressing a mouse button. Taking a look at someone's photographs in an album meant sitting at the table (or on the bed, if you will), getting comfortable, flipping the pages of a real physical album, with photographs tucked in their slots with a little bit of moisture on their surface. Now, it means, finger-on-the-mouse-clicking-away-happily-and-periodically and looking at the monitor.

Strangers becoming friends, friends sharing a secret or a joke, someone taking a preposterously dim-witted quiz, another someone trying to judge other people whether he Likes Them Or Not, you getting notified that ABC has commented on XYZ's photograph, acquaintances in your life trying to tell you What's On Their Mind, one funny status message trying to beat another, yet another someone getting employment options by somebody… Well, you get the drift.

Everything, just about everything that we used to do in the real world prior to this "Social Connection" revolution has now found a place in the virtual world. And we accept all of that. Gladly, for that matter. Maybe it was for the novelty it gave us in our rather boring and mundane lives. But, as we have witnessed throughout our lives, getting habitual to anything that takes to our fancy is but very easy for humans.

I am quite amused that the thought of "washing one's dirty linen in public" used to be such a bad idea. On the other hand, even if not "dirty laundry" is being washed, we are giving others a peek into our lives in a way we wouldn't have in the real world.

"Friends" in a way have been replaced by a new set of "friends"… the Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, CPU and Modem. Most of the interaction with our real friends is now happening via these new friends.

There is a large number of people who find a lot of pride in saying that their "Life Is An Open Book". Perhaps now they can rephrase that to the titular message of this post.

But is anyone, including me, complaining? Hard fact… No. Why? Maybe because this is what we have chosen. And now I think that "maybe" in the previous sentence is unnecessary. The fact is, we HAVE chosen this. And for as long as one can see in the future, which of course isn't much, this new way-of-life is not changing anytime soon.

And we wont even stop using all these "Social Connection" websites too. Since the social bit is now virtual, I guess we should rename them to something more suitable.

As I wrap up this post, someone is "gonna go to bed now", another one "thinks If I turn into a man for the day do you think I nice woman would come do my ironing lol", yet another one "thinks… she is in love with someone…=( "… and so it goes on.

Now, I'd better go and update that status message before this funny line that just hit my mind fades away!





 Ctrl-Alt-Del… oops… Love, Peace n' Harmony



 © Prateek Sharma May 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

To, The Politician.


Dear Mr. Politician.



Thank You.

Thank you, for opening my eyes, for showing me the stark truth, for releasing the pent-up emotions within my being. For telling me that Credibility, Liability, Responsibility and Accountability are mere terms that look good in the Constitution, and in newspaper-articles-and-columns. Sometimes on panel discussions on news channels too. For telling me that they don’t really exist in times of necessary action, when it comes to your kind. For telling me that the citizens of this nation have made a grave mistake by exercising their right to vote. For telling me that the very basis of this governance is not to serve the nation, but to earn and live a life king-size (or even bigger), for yourself. At our expense.

What happened in Mumbai, and not just Mumbai, is not something new for the people of this country anymore. Maybe it’s a little startling for all of us. At the same time, we are thankful to you for telling us that this just might be the tip of the iceberg, and many more such "puny incidents" might occur, anytime, anywhere.

I also thank you for telling me that in a moment as heart-wrenching as the one we witnessed on the 26th of Nov 2008, you will not have a united stand with other of your kind. ("Birds of the same feather DO NOT flock together", it seems).

It was exceedingly overwhelming to know that our policemen are armed with the latest defense-equipment, only that the time-lines seem to be a little mixed up. Lathis and WW-II era 303 rifles seem to be particularly appropriate. Had it been the prehistoric days, that is. Moreover, the coast-line was so protected. The fishermen are the most appropriate people to fulfill that job, highly trained, having immense expertise in that regard. At least this is what your attitude seems to tell me.

Although the list for "Thanksgiving" is endless, but I would like to thank you for one more important thing. The fact that Democracy, as we knew it, died on the same day. Thank you for telling me that too.

Yes. Democracy died. In fact, it got onto its death bed the day you decided to become a politician. The dream of a Democratic State, envisioned by our great leaders of the past, turned into a nightmare. But of course, we don’t blame you for that. On the contrary you are being thanked here. "Then who are the people to be blamed for this?", you might ask. Well, maybe it’s the people who put you there in that position. Who gave you power. Power to rule, and to destroy the very nation and its people who put you there.

It is very strange and absurd that those very people, who elect you and send you into that plush office of yours, amidst the tightest of security witnessed by mankind, leading the life you have been promising others for ages, find themselves crippled by this same "democracy". They find it difficult to have an audience with you, so that they can exercise their basic right to question you.

Thank you once again (and pray pardon me for adding one more thing to the list), for telling me that we, the people of this nation, do not deserve democracy.

I guess the list is almost over. So from here, this "letter" to you shall become a little more unpleasant.

Now comes the part where I'd like to put forward some demands. Do not tell me I can't, because I know I can.

We might not deserve democracy, but there are few things we do deserve.

To make it easier for you to comprehend, a list would be better. (Even in situations like these, we think of YOUR convenience). 

  1. Who is accountable for this?
  2. When will the gaps in the system be filled?
  3. When will the taxes we pay be used for the betterment of the system, and not for your benefit?

Three basic questions we deserve answers to. Well, there was one more question in mind, but it would be futile to ask when would we see you and your kind united in trying times, and the answer obviously would be "Never". Hence, it shall pass.


Many people lost their lives there. Innocent ones. I lost someone too. He was just all of 21 years of age. And it disgusts me when the "system" decides to evaluate their lives and tries to compensate it with money.

Time for another demand, and this one might seem "not quite appropriate" to your calculative mind.

They send terrorists, who come and do the very job they have been sent to do. And we just sit and assess the situation, react not-so-promptly, and yet again sit back quiet, not willing to improve the situations. We "forgive" and move on, maintaining a "humanitarian" ground. The relevant question here is, for how long?

In view of this situation, and others preceding this one, I demand a war. They have given us nothing less than that, be it now, or in the past, including 1965 and 1971. Enough "humanitarianism". One can't expect to be "humanitarian" with "barbarians". If they want war, we should give them one they will never ever forget.

Of course, it seems absurd to you, for if this is done and the problem is eradicated from its roots, you shall have no more "agenda" for the next election campaign, and you won't be able to make promises which you have no intentions of fulfilling anyways.

Yet, for those of us we lost there, I demand it.

Democracy died, and now we deserve a dictatorship.

Hoping, against hope though, that you shall take some action now.

Also hoping, yet again against hope, that this letter doesn't come back to me with a "Return To Sender" stamp on it.

Yours "Sincerely"

A Proud and "not-so-sure-about-democratic" Indian Citizen.

As for the rest of you, please Think. And act.

© Prateek Sharma Dec 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That.

Picture this.
You are in a certain situation, wherein you have done almost everything that you can possibly do, given the conditions, resources, opportunities, time constraints, zeal, enthusiasm, drive etc etc.

Then you arrive at a certain crossroad in life, where there are many paths ahead of you. Most of those take you into new and un-chartered territories, ultimately bringing in a lot of new learnings, experiences, perspectives, ideas… and challenges. Some of them seem quite comfortable, some horrific. Most of them will take their toll on you, physically, emotionally, mentally… and in every possible way one can think of. Some might not. You fit in some, as easily as a hand in a glove. Some are as difficult to fit in to, as a golf ball in one’s throat (or other anatomical regions where it MIGHT fit)!

One of those paths will be an extension of the path you have been traveling all this while. Familiar, friendly, frolicking, fun, … fundamentally your domain. You have learnt a lot during this ride. There is more to learn, but maybe at that particular juncture, the will to learn more is not so strong. You do want to learn, but probably newer things. Things you thought you couldn’t. In fact, others have also expressed a similar opinion on this.

“Not your cup of tea”
“Not your strength”

Some of the things you might hear in this regard. Almost like riddles. There will be times when you are tempted to think twice.

But then… A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Irrespective of the riddles.

Isn’t it?


Love, Peace n' Harmony

© Prateek Sharma Jun 2008

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Reminiscing... Thinking... Tormenting...


Goes on.

Waits for none.

People come.

People stay.

People Give.



Sometimes it's good, sometimes... not so good.

Analysing wont help much.

Not analysing... you wont do.

Many confusions.

Many conclusions.

One reality.

Not much is in your control.

How I wish...


Love, Peace n' Harmony

© Prateek Sharma Jun 2008

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

“Brought To You By…!!”

“This movie is brought to you by…”

“Saturday Wild Nights, brought to you by…”

“The XYZ show, presented by…”

“… in association with…”

“Channel Partner…”

“Radio Partner…”

“ABC Presents…”

Just a few examples of how we see sponsors sponsoring various shows, events, activities… and a whole lotta jargon like that. Well, the list doesn’t end here. There are more things that can be sponsored; “Brought to you by”!

We see brands being given “visibility” in a whole lot of ways. Bus stands, autorickshaws, sports teams, movies (in a surrogate manner, Taal being a great example), LPG cylinders, multiplexes, etc.

I was wondering, how many avenues are left now? Almost everything that you can lay eye on can be used as a medium to give a brand some visibility. The marketing of a plethora of products and services exposes you to a multitude of color and creativity. But the question still remains… Is it really necessary? Well, the fruitfulness of all this marketing would need a different post altogether, and we might do it at a later stage. As of now, I would wanna concentrate on the initial thought that I had in mind.

In this age, every marketing mind fights for mind space. The more the visibility of the product, the higher the recall, leading to higher sales, eventually leading to higher profit margins. No rocket science here. Basic priniciple of marketing.

The question that I often ask myself is, how much is enough? When and where does it stop? Will it ever stop? This sudden explosion of “Brand Presence” in our daily lives…

Just as a thought. It’s quite possible that very soon we might find brands being made visible at places we never thought of. For example, let’s say, a school.

We have already seen brands getting a certain amount of visibility there as well, but in a different manner. Like on pencil boxes, tiffin boxes, copy covers, name labels etc.

What I am talking about are the unusual avenues. Intervals, for example, might be one of them. Just imagine, just before the bell begins to ring to declare that the interval has begun, there is an announcement made on the school PA system installed in every room – “This interval is brought to you by ACME Health Foods. Eat Healthy, Grow Healthy.”

The children step out of their classrooms and go to the field, where there are banners all around, displaying various health drinks, sports goods, kids’ apparels etc, of course keeping in mind the “Target Group”.

The biology class, for example, can be “Brought to you by” EFGH Surgical Instruments, or by a certain brand of Sanitary Napkins, or contraceptives for that matter. Of course, they ARE related to the nature of the subject!

The library could have an “Official Book Store Partner”, the staff room could be “Presented By LMNO Furniture”, the common room could have an official “Hospitality Partner”, the amphitheatre may have an “Entertainment Partner” and the dispensary might be “Associated With Dr. Doc’s Hospital and Clinic”! After all, it’s always good if you “Catch Them Young”!

What’s next? Bald heads of men and bellies of pregnant women?

Just a passing thought… You too, are free to think on this.

Love, Peace n' Harmony

© Prateek Sharma Jun 2008

One Evening At The Chinese Gully... And A Few Weeks After That.

King Leonidas, the brave ruler of Sparta, said to his famous 300 soldiers… "Spartans! Prepare for GLORY!". And so, he and his brave 300 fought and laid down their lives. To go down in history in a manner so magnificent, that generations to come will read about them and be astonished.

His weapons… Spear, Shield and Sword.

His strength… Trust and Faith in his men, and vice-versa.

His belief… Respect and Honour.

His motive… Liberty, Freedom, Justice.

That was a different time, and a different story. Had it not been for the 2007 blockbuster release, raking in billions of dollars, the story might have been forgotten by many, and would have been unheard of by many more. People of today’s tumultuous times hardly have time to spare to know about history. ‘Boring’ history, as a matter of fact.


13 Youngsters, 3 Countries, 1 Objective. The way the Reality Show has been promoted, these people come across as nothing less than members of a warrior tribe, uncannily similar to the Spartans.

Their weapons… Treachery.

Their strength… No Trust and Faith on each other, politics and back-stabbing.

Their belief… Not to think twice before eliminating a friend who is a threat.

Their motive… Victory at any cost… Come what may.

And GLORY, it seems, is what they all got, with one guy in particular getting the biggest share of it.

This is today’s age.


In my last post, the one to which this is a sequel, I had described the string of events that occurred on that evening at the Chinese food joint. We had reached a certain point where one woman said something, which compelled me to think.

Quoting myself…

“And then, I started thinking. The latest group of people who came in started discussing about the show. They did discuss about one guy in particular, who belongs to my hometown. (For more on the city, go here.) Seems he is the highlight of the show.
Moving on, something that one of the young women of the group said struck me. What that was, I shall discuss soon. It will require some thinking on my part before I post it. (Half-baked ideas do not seem too tempting or appealing to me, to be posted here.)”

I am aware that the sequel to the post is coming after a long long time. I am also aware of the number of people who read the post and asked me “What did she say?” “Aisa kya boli vo ladki?” and many such questions. But as I had said in that post, I needed time to frame this one. More importantly, I wanted the show to end, so that I could sum it up in my head and then write. Sincere apologies, and thanks for waiting.

Moving on. As I had told you, there was a group of young girls, accompanied by a lady. The lady was the mother of one of the girls, who had invited her friends for a birthday treat at that joint. So, they were having a jolly good time, eating Chinese food, chitchatting in typical girly fashion, and watching the Reality Show.

It was the second or the third episode of the show, and was still quite new to the viewers. The contestants were pretty new to everyone as well. No one had formed any strong opinions yet. Neither any ‘favourites’ established so far. But one thing had already been established. Actually, to correct myself, it hadn’t been established. In fact, it was more like a ‘given’ fact of the show, established over the 4 seasons that the series had been running. And that was… the Politics, the Back-biting, the Treachery. Everyone seemed quite prepared for it.

I had not seen a single season of this show. Had caught an episode or two, while visiting a relative’s or a friend’s place, people who owned television sets. I could never associate myself with the show, purely for one reason, the absence of TV from my life. Hence, I had no opinions about the show, positive or negative. For me, it was ‘just another Reality Show’.

Now, the lady with the group seemed a little perplexed. She, I assume, had never watched the show either. Seemed she had some problems in understanding the sudden excitement among the young women, as soon as they saw the show on the TV screen. She was amused. And then she asked the group, no one in particular, about the concept of the show.

Almost all of the young girls started explaining, all speaking at the same time, so that what was audible was a gibberish amalgamation of words, voices, sounds, exclamations and noise! Now, when such a verbal barrage happens, more often than not, there comes a time when there is a small gap in all the noise. And it was a similar gap in which one of the girls said something, which caught my attention.

She said, “Basically it’s a show where these people are put together for a few weeks and they have to perform some tasks and all, and then one of them is going to win some prize money and a bike. There is so much of politics, back-biting and bit**ing!! Its very interesting! I don’t miss it at any cost! It’s so cool! I looooooove it!”

This is what started that chain of thoughts in my mind.

I am not trying to judge the show. Neither am I running it down. Yet, what amazed me was the fact that the girl had just said all this! She, like the millions of other young boys and girls, and slightly older men and women, found the fact that the contestants indulged in politics, back-biting, treason and bitching to win the game very interesting.

Which brings me to think. If the story of Leonidas was narrated to them as a history lesson, they would not find it “interesting” enough, although that story actually has much more better things to learn from. Bravery, loyalty, justice, freedom… just to name a few. Yet, what appeals to them is the set of “values” the Reality Show is exposing them to.

Sad, but true. Weird, yet a fact. Good stories filled with good values find place in good books. And sometimes, in good movies. But what actually forms a part of our daily lives is full of the other set of “values”.

The girls, like many other viewers across the nation, are still in their formative years in a way. Their individual personalities are still not completely formed; they’re still taking a concrete shape. And at such a juncture in their lives, this is what they find particularly “cool” and inspiring. No wonder, the idea of making it big in life will be a little misconstrued for them. “If I need to get ahead in life, I should know how to play politics. And I should never trust anyone, no matter how close that person is to me.”

As much as I’d hate it, it’s a fact. Sometimes it disgusts me, sometimes it amazes me, and sometimes I wonder “What a fantastic idea!”.

Commercialization and bottom-lines will make people and organizations do things which are ‘logically’ and ‘commercially’ explainable, but inexplicable in other ways.

I am tempted to write more on the show itself, and the concept of Reality Shows, but I wont do that right now. Want to know why?

I just overheard a few colleagues at work discuss something. One woman was telling the others…

“I’ll tell you what this show is about. It has 2 men and 20 hot young women, staying at a villa for some time. Both the men will end up getting one woman each. The power to choose or reject the woman would lie with the men. It’s gonna be amazing!”

Do I sense a similar chain of thoughts rising in my mind?


Love, Peace n' Harmony

© Prateek Sharma Jun 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

One Evening At The Chinese Gully...

Dekho, dhang se khilao! Sab gir rahaa hai! 1

“… heheheheAnd then she just turned around to him and said….” 2

“…market gayee thi, tu kahaan thi?....” 3

Pehli Nazar Mein… Catch Atif Aslam all this month on…” 4

“Good Evening sir. Table for how many?” suddenly the waiter asked me.

“For two, please. Good Evening” I mumbled, and smiled at him.

I looked around. The place was half-full. At one table was a family of 3, the Mom giving instructions to the Dad to feed the child properly. (1)

At another was a young woman, sitting alone, talking away into the cell-phone to her dearest friend (3), or so I suppose. She seemed quite uninterested and insensitive to the people around her. Well, the volume of her voice told me so… She WAS the loudest of the lot. Whatever the reason, it made me feel a little uncomfortable.

At yet another table was a group of 3 college-going boys. One of them, presumably the leader of the group, was busy narrating an incident to his “minion-type” friends (2), paying no attention to others at the joint. He was loud too, but his levels dipped whenever he had to discuss something of “that” nature. “Boys…” I thought to myself, n chuckled not-so-loud.

Such was the scene at this small yet comfortable Chinese joint. Located in the famous Chinese Gully in Kamla Nagar Market, in North Delhi, this place seemed to be a regular hangout joint for youngsters and young professionals. Yes, yes.. the family at table 1… they were also pretty young!

Anyway, I entered the place with a friend of mine, who has decided that she will show me all the good eating joints of this part of the city, if not the country! She is pretty much aware that I live to eat, hence it is now her self-inflicted responsibility that I get to eat at almost every place known to the average North Campus student. How can I say no to such a noble gesture!

The place seemed ok to me. Not very elaborate in the designs-n-decorations, but decent for a joint of that nature. 9 or 10 tables to seat about 40-50 people, fully occupied. One small counter for the manager. Two doors towards the end of the hall, one leading to the kitchen, and another multi-purpose door, leading to the store-room, the restrooms, the fire-exit, the back-door etc etc. I almost felt like Alice, staring into the rabbit hole, wondering how far it would go!

Thankfully. I didn’t have to do it t find out. The waiter came to the rescue, breaking my chain of weird thoughts. He handed both of us the menu. We decided what to have, after putting in quite a lot of thought… “This would be spicy, that wouldn’t be enough for two. This is too sweet, that has too much of corn!!!” Finally, it was decided that we will have Crispy Babycorn with Salt’n’Pepper and Honey Potato, with two fruit-beers.

Til’ now things were fine. Well, I know they seem a bit weird to you right now when ur READING about them, but come to think of it, such is the scene anywhere you go! Probably we don’t notice it like this, and don’t pay much attention!

Then suddenly, another group of people entered. One lady, with many young girls, about 5-6 of them, and an even younger boy. They took their places at the table, and started chitchatting right away. They were a bit loud as well! By now, I had become accustomed to the loud voices!

There was a TV set (4), installed on some kinda TV holding contraption of a weird shape, on the far corner of the hall. I would look at the TV quite a lot. My friend would make sure that I’d be aware of her boredom, whenever I would start gazing at the TV. Somewhere along the course of time, the waiter decided he wanted to surf some channels. He stopped at a certain entertainment channel, dedicated to music and a Reality Show.

That was it! That was the point when every pair of eye in the joint turned towards the TV set. Yes, u read it right! EVERYONE started watching the Reality Show. Somehow, of late, this reality show (how much of it is REAL in Reality Shows, is a different discussion altogether) has become a rage amongst the youth. It reeks of attitude. Tough guys, tough girls, tough bikes, tougher challenges, a tough lookin VJ anchoring it, and some tough lines being muttered by the participants. THAT’S a lotta toughness there!

Anyway, since I haven’t been in the TV-Viewing class for about 8 years now, I wasn’t as amused as everyone else. And then, I started thinking. The latest group of people who came in started discussing about the show. They did discuss about one guy in particular, who belongs to my hometown. (For more on the city, go here.) Seems he is the highlight of the show.

Moving on, something that one of the young women of the group said struck me. What that was, I shall discuss soon. It will require some thinking on my part before I post it. (Half-baked ideas do not seem too tempting or appealing to me, to be posted here.)

By now, we were almost through with our order. My friend did complain about the fruit-beer being not as good as it was the last time she was there, and that we hadn’t finished off everything we had ordered for. But I was feeling quite full by that time. Not coz I ate heartily. Full because of what that young woman had said, and the chain of thoughts that started off in my mind following her statement. I am almost tempted to write about it right now, but as I said, it shall wait.

We asked for the bill, paid and left. Back on to the street, on our way home.

Love, Peace n' Harmony

© Prateek Sharma Feb 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love, Peace n' Harmony.

Three words. Five Years. The association hasn't ended... yet. Hopefully will not end. Albeit life is weird. Cruel at times. You never know what the next corner might have in store for you. Good. Bad. Ugly. Anything.

Over the years, people have asked me the same question a number of times. "Why? Why these three words? Why such a sign-out? Why such a statement? What does it signify? Style? Fashion?
WOODSTOCK?!!!" (And no, NOT the bird from the Charlie Brown series. For more on Woodstock, click here.)

How weird... No one seems to understand, it's neither of this... Nor is it preaching... It's just a reminder... These three words... Aren't we kinda losing them on our way to a glorious future? Come to
think of it...

Just to answer these questions, and few more that wud be similar in nature, I'll write more sometime soon.

Keep your eyes comin' back...

Til the next time we meet...

Love, Peace n' Harmony

© Prateek Sharma Feb 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Start! Stop... Start Again!! Stop... START!!

This is a prime example of leap-frogging through time. One post, break for 6 months. Another post, break for just over a year. One more post, gone as a draft, eventually forgotten. Whoooosh! Time goes by. Goes into making other things. A life, few relations, a career, some money on the way, clearing out some dirt from the closet, throwin away the junk accumulated from time to time, siftin through what's important and what's not. In short, trying to live.

And once again, I am back, tryin to be regular on the blog. Have to write about a lot of things. A LOTTT!!! Have been thinkin so much in the last 12 months, but somehow, just couldn't find the time. Some say that I have been postponing it far too long... Come to think of it, I have! More than anythin else, lemme admit... Sheer lethargy... Procrastination... And now when I am actually penning it .... ummmm... typin it down, I am feelin guilty... Bein lazy for something I love so much! Writing... Aah... Will try to be more regular henceforth...

Soon, very soon, shall post more...

Til that time, keep ur eyes comin' back... this time u wont be disappointed...

And in the meantime, do think. This blog always tells u to do so! U'd know it by now, if u've been readin it regularly!

Love, Peace n' Harmony

© Prateek Sharma Feb 2008