Monday, June 16, 2008

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That.

Picture this.
You are in a certain situation, wherein you have done almost everything that you can possibly do, given the conditions, resources, opportunities, time constraints, zeal, enthusiasm, drive etc etc.

Then you arrive at a certain crossroad in life, where there are many paths ahead of you. Most of those take you into new and un-chartered territories, ultimately bringing in a lot of new learnings, experiences, perspectives, ideas… and challenges. Some of them seem quite comfortable, some horrific. Most of them will take their toll on you, physically, emotionally, mentally… and in every possible way one can think of. Some might not. You fit in some, as easily as a hand in a glove. Some are as difficult to fit in to, as a golf ball in one’s throat (or other anatomical regions where it MIGHT fit)!

One of those paths will be an extension of the path you have been traveling all this while. Familiar, friendly, frolicking, fun, … fundamentally your domain. You have learnt a lot during this ride. There is more to learn, but maybe at that particular juncture, the will to learn more is not so strong. You do want to learn, but probably newer things. Things you thought you couldn’t. In fact, others have also expressed a similar opinion on this.

“Not your cup of tea”
“Not your strength”

Some of the things you might hear in this regard. Almost like riddles. There will be times when you are tempted to think twice.

But then… A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Irrespective of the riddles.

Isn’t it?


Love, Peace n' Harmony

© Prateek Sharma Jun 2008


prianca said...

Irrespective of what the world thinks, you've gotta have the courage to stand for what you think, what you wanna do or try.

Besides, whats the point doing something you are comfortable with, what the world already thinks you are good at.

2+2=5 said...

gr8 stuff dude!! awesome blog!!

N Outlaw Torn is one of my fav songs ever. pretty underrated.. but they r all idiots!!

Just Me :) said...

Robert Frost put it best in his poem; "Road less travelled".
But it takes courage to move out of comfort zone and wander into the unknown.

Just Me :) said...

Robert Frost put it best in his poem; "Road less travelled".
But it takes courage to move out of comfort zone and wander into the unknown.

kruttika said...

there are times when one has to choose among two...
his hearts desire....or the -"what people might think / what they say" segment..
i personally feel that ,
when you pic the end up facing many raised eyebrows and aching comments..maybe even innitial opposition..but that all will eventually get erased from people's memory sooner or later..but the pinch that one couldn't do what he loved the must eats you for the entire lifetime!!

all of us face cross roads...
at the end it's all about asking ourselves..for which path do we have the maximum feeling and intution...

once you get the answer..
go ahead
and move with confident steps...
after all .. you are choosing then direction where your happiness walks with you..
don't give a damn to what others say!
..after all ..they don't know your journey and don't feel the way you do !
take it head on !