Tuesday, June 03, 2008

“Brought To You By…!!”

“This movie is brought to you by…”

“Saturday Wild Nights, brought to you by…”

“The XYZ show, presented by…”

“… in association with…”

“Channel Partner…”

“Radio Partner…”

“ABC Presents…”

Just a few examples of how we see sponsors sponsoring various shows, events, activities… and a whole lotta jargon like that. Well, the list doesn’t end here. There are more things that can be sponsored; “Brought to you by”!

We see brands being given “visibility” in a whole lot of ways. Bus stands, autorickshaws, sports teams, movies (in a surrogate manner, Taal being a great example), LPG cylinders, multiplexes, etc.

I was wondering, how many avenues are left now? Almost everything that you can lay eye on can be used as a medium to give a brand some visibility. The marketing of a plethora of products and services exposes you to a multitude of color and creativity. But the question still remains… Is it really necessary? Well, the fruitfulness of all this marketing would need a different post altogether, and we might do it at a later stage. As of now, I would wanna concentrate on the initial thought that I had in mind.

In this age, every marketing mind fights for mind space. The more the visibility of the product, the higher the recall, leading to higher sales, eventually leading to higher profit margins. No rocket science here. Basic priniciple of marketing.

The question that I often ask myself is, how much is enough? When and where does it stop? Will it ever stop? This sudden explosion of “Brand Presence” in our daily lives…

Just as a thought. It’s quite possible that very soon we might find brands being made visible at places we never thought of. For example, let’s say, a school.

We have already seen brands getting a certain amount of visibility there as well, but in a different manner. Like on pencil boxes, tiffin boxes, copy covers, name labels etc.

What I am talking about are the unusual avenues. Intervals, for example, might be one of them. Just imagine, just before the bell begins to ring to declare that the interval has begun, there is an announcement made on the school PA system installed in every room – “This interval is brought to you by ACME Health Foods. Eat Healthy, Grow Healthy.”

The children step out of their classrooms and go to the field, where there are banners all around, displaying various health drinks, sports goods, kids’ apparels etc, of course keeping in mind the “Target Group”.

The biology class, for example, can be “Brought to you by” EFGH Surgical Instruments, or by a certain brand of Sanitary Napkins, or contraceptives for that matter. Of course, they ARE related to the nature of the subject!

The library could have an “Official Book Store Partner”, the staff room could be “Presented By LMNO Furniture”, the common room could have an official “Hospitality Partner”, the amphitheatre may have an “Entertainment Partner” and the dispensary might be “Associated With Dr. Doc’s Hospital and Clinic”! After all, it’s always good if you “Catch Them Young”!

What’s next? Bald heads of men and bellies of pregnant women?

Just a passing thought… You too, are free to think on this.

Love, Peace n' Harmony

© Prateek Sharma Jun 2008


Suhas said...

:D The best place would be right on the nose..Will catch the eye eh?

My nose is on sale..any takers?

Anju said...

Very good topic. I often wonder on this myself. What is the actual value gained by the sponsors? I can understand TV advertisements and big events like cricket sponsored by big names.
But do you remember, in our college, even a forgetable event like a quiz contests were sponsored by Airtel and the likes. What is the value for them in an event so small (if any at all)? And is it worth the spend?

RJ Rhicha Reviews said...

The first advert cracked me up ! (This interval is brought to you by acme foods, eat healthy grow healthy)! You know something? I think everything actually should be up for sale, with such variety of sponsors and liners, this world will be a hilarious place! We all need to laugh as much as we can before we die! Let this capitalist approach take over, let it be full on...why settle for less than 100%?! p.s. you obviously know that I'm rambling on cuz I'm furious over the mechanisation of humanity! Plus I truly want this world to be more ridiculous than it already is ! Last post par comment mein typos ho gaya tha..temp nahi tempo !! Jitna jaldi jaldi bolti hoon, utni jaldi jaldi likhti hoon..aur arth ka anarth hota rehta hai!:)

kruttika said...

advertisments.......yeah..the super controllers of the dreamy subconscious mind....
aaahhhh...something that appeals to it...it will drag it in dreams...over and over...untill you get up one fine day to grab it ...own it..aaahaa...in your hands ..thats satisfies the mind hunger!
so its everywhere !
and why not..!
everyone wants to be noticed!
even our blogger guy here ;)...isn't he greedy for comments..and to be noticed ?...

we LOVE to have attention....LOADS of it !!
and they say everything is fair in love...so you see...there's no limit to advertisments also...
as the ideas grow...so will this area..
p.s.btw schools also have sign boards these days with shoe - sweater makers :P
then we also have body tattoos....
LOVE to get famous ke liye..SALAA KUCH BHI KAREGA :p