Sunday, June 08, 2008

Reminiscing... Thinking... Tormenting...


Goes on.

Waits for none.

People come.

People stay.

People Give.



Sometimes it's good, sometimes... not so good.

Analysing wont help much.

Not analysing... you wont do.

Many confusions.

Many conclusions.

One reality.

Not much is in your control.

How I wish...


Love, Peace n' Harmony

© Prateek Sharma Jun 2008


Prash said...

That's the way life is, that's the way some (most) people are. Thinking... Wishing... I know how it works :)
Nice title, and of course the post too. Very different from all the previous ones.

prianca said...

d last word realli works....(think). does leave d reader thinkin bout a lot.
how i wish it was in my i wish i cud change things.
but ya, such is life

*KHUSHI* said...

very true... thts life...!!!

Just Me :) said...

Sometimes, despite trying and trying hard, giving everything you could, life comes in the way.

But that will never stop me from believing that I hold the key to my destiny in my very own hands.
I wish because I know I have the power to fulfill. I think therefore I am.

kruttika said...

we can't be honest ?
then we call it off..
we've got the choice if it all goes wrong we walk out !

this is also an aspect.

many relations break just because we're not honest...and we break many because they are not !

at the end...
everybody movees awn .