Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life Is An Open Facebook

"A very bored human" has commented on "a post by another bored human"


"A narcissist" has created an album


"A talented radio professional" has become a fan of a "superb writer"


"A megalomaniac" has taken the "How much of a megalomaniac are you" quiz


"ABC" became friends with "XYZ"


… and so on and so forth.

It's quite funny, surprising and amusing how human behaviour has changed over the years, keeping the technological excellence achieved by mankind in perspective. There was a time, not so long ago, when "poking a friend" involved a finger trying to dig deep into a friend's flesh. Today, it does involve a finger, but pressing a mouse button. Taking a look at someone's photographs in an album meant sitting at the table (or on the bed, if you will), getting comfortable, flipping the pages of a real physical album, with photographs tucked in their slots with a little bit of moisture on their surface. Now, it means, finger-on-the-mouse-clicking-away-happily-and-periodically and looking at the monitor.

Strangers becoming friends, friends sharing a secret or a joke, someone taking a preposterously dim-witted quiz, another someone trying to judge other people whether he Likes Them Or Not, you getting notified that ABC has commented on XYZ's photograph, acquaintances in your life trying to tell you What's On Their Mind, one funny status message trying to beat another, yet another someone getting employment options by somebody… Well, you get the drift.

Everything, just about everything that we used to do in the real world prior to this "Social Connection" revolution has now found a place in the virtual world. And we accept all of that. Gladly, for that matter. Maybe it was for the novelty it gave us in our rather boring and mundane lives. But, as we have witnessed throughout our lives, getting habitual to anything that takes to our fancy is but very easy for humans.

I am quite amused that the thought of "washing one's dirty linen in public" used to be such a bad idea. On the other hand, even if not "dirty laundry" is being washed, we are giving others a peek into our lives in a way we wouldn't have in the real world.

"Friends" in a way have been replaced by a new set of "friends"… the Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, CPU and Modem. Most of the interaction with our real friends is now happening via these new friends.

There is a large number of people who find a lot of pride in saying that their "Life Is An Open Book". Perhaps now they can rephrase that to the titular message of this post.

But is anyone, including me, complaining? Hard fact… No. Why? Maybe because this is what we have chosen. And now I think that "maybe" in the previous sentence is unnecessary. The fact is, we HAVE chosen this. And for as long as one can see in the future, which of course isn't much, this new way-of-life is not changing anytime soon.

And we wont even stop using all these "Social Connection" websites too. Since the social bit is now virtual, I guess we should rename them to something more suitable.

As I wrap up this post, someone is "gonna go to bed now", another one "thinks If I turn into a man for the day do you think I nice woman would come do my ironing lol", yet another one "thinks… she is in love with someone…=( "… and so it goes on.

Now, I'd better go and update that status message before this funny line that just hit my mind fades away!





 Ctrl-Alt-Del… oops… Love, Peace n' Harmony



 © Prateek Sharma May 2008


Pushkaraj said...

You are right in many ways Prateek, but are you really surprised with all this?
As you have rightly said, human 'behaviour' has changed. Behaviour is manifest whereas preferences, intents and tendencies are innate. The statement - man is a social animal is a cliché - is itself a cliché.
If we get to the basics – our physical form itself. In times of cave-dwelling prehistoric mankind, our ancestors were incapable of a solitary life. Hunting and gathering had to be a community affair, so was agriculture later on.
Cut to many millenia later. People would finish work for the day and gather at social places (chaupal and its various social versions across the world). After the community hukkah at chaupal, it was back to home where a joint family would be waiting for you.
Today, all this has changed. We lead more and more solitary lives. But that does not take away our need to connect with others. In fact, other than roti-kapda-makaan, which are material needs, the basic needs of a human being are two – 1. To relate to others and 2. To express to others.
Yes – I agree with you that poking someone on Facebook is not quite the same as a bear hug given by a friend. A wink sent through the keyboard is nowhere as effective as a real naughty wink over a cup of coffee.
Maybe I am naïve, but I firmly believe that in the era of this slew of social networking over the net, there will be some kind of a corrective mechanism which will stop us from tipping over the point of no return.
P.S. - To prove my point, I will meet you personally the next time I am in Delhi, rather than this e-hug!

Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading soooo true the other day i was telling my friend that i get pic of ppl i dont even know on my facebook n yes i do kick on them n see them all i m sure everone does that n sometime i do have to stop myself from commenting on them which will be really weird as i dont even know them .
n yes not to miss whats on your mind thing its so weird ya we have ppl in our friends list who r just acuantancies n when they right they hate someone... ,n they had it with this world... u just cant stop your self from thing who is this perosn ...n really who gives a flying shit n its not fare that i have to read day in n day out whats on your mind

Anonymous said...

coutinue ....
so not missing the point yes time has changed... new technology etc etc .. but we r still the same we still gossip about ppl who we know n ppl we dont know ,we still make new friend s n be touch with old ones , try n seeing what otherone is upto where they are in life today n what they have done till date just the way of doing it different the medium is different .

kruttika said...

it's all about the choices one makes in life.
i think people have gathered some virtual courage with the coming of the new age...they want to tell it all in order to gain attention.

call it plain attention seeking the world wonder about it good or bad :|..who cares as long its gaining attention,

on the contrary,,
one has to go off the beaten track some day or the people are experimenting..daring out..they want friends all over the worls and tell them all they feel...its fine as long as they dont get to a point of no return.

in the end..again..its all about the choices we make...
if they turn good or bad...that depends how you take it in stride.

see for yourself...
are you trapped ?
are you a victim of loneliness doing all this?
is it doing you any good while not hurting the other people around ?

reflect and see ..
we have the head to think..
we don't have to be an emotional slave...
but if it's simple fun on your mind..go ahead :)

Just Me :) said...

My judgement is coloured by my addiction. :-|

Anonymous said...

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